A Poem About Olives

They’re gross as shit,

Especially with the pit.

To eat these things,

Takes a hell of a lot of grit.

Green or black doesn’t matter,

They’re often served with a side platter.

Served from a jar or from a can,

If it was an Office character, it’d be Jan.

Some place it on pizza crust,

But I’d rather watch a car rust.

Some eat it with a toothpick,

But I’d rather watch a chick flick.

Peace, when held by a dove,

It gives me no faith in a god above.

The smell alone makes me gag,

When forced to eat one I become a hag.

My sister says they’re something to adore,

That’s probably why we don’t speak anymore.

Loaded with salt and calcium chloride,

When served at parties I try to hide.

It’s gross as shit and I’m not lying,

Eat one, ha, I’d rather be dying.

I may have it’s skin color, yes that’s true,

But I think they’re gross, how about you?

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