I Interviewed Snots, the Rottweiler from Christmas Vacation

Last week I finally got my dream interview with Snots, the famous Rottweiler from the 1989 classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Snots, who goes by Snotty nowadays, was kind enough to meet up with me in a local dog park just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio. I asked him five questions. Here is my interview.

1. Okay, lets begin. It’s well known that you really went down a dark path after the success of Christmas Vacation. Do you mind sharing some of your experience(s)?
You couldn’t resist, could you? Um, yeah, well I think it’s pretty much what was reported back in 1989. I was just a young pup after we wrapped shooting the film and I guess I just got caught up in the glamour of fame. I spent a lot of nights roaming junkyards looking for a thrill, you know? I got involved with a rough crowd and started eating some really generic dry dog food. I mean, this shit wasn’t even sold in stores and I was eating up to a pound or two a day. It was messed up. I lost contact with my agent. I stopped licking myself clean. I basically lost touch with reality. And then I got locked up in a kennel after the mailman incident and almost lost my career in showbiz.

2. It’s been reported that Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Margo) actually got you released from the kennel and helped get you cleaned up. Is that true?
You know, it actually is. I love Julia. She is such a kind person. In fact, she still takes me on a walk every now and then. But yeah, we had grown really close on set after filming the famous scene with the squirrel. If you remember, there is the part where I jump out of the front door and on top of Julia. Well, we had to reshoot that scene at least thirty times because the damn squirrel kept landing short of his target. Julia and I shared a lot of laughs during that scene and really bonded. After she had heard about me being locked up, she was the first person to reach out and help me. She got me released and hooked me up with the best dog groomer in Hollywood. She even set me up with a new agent. I owe Julia my life. I really do.

3. What was it like working with Chevy Chase (Clark)? I’ve heard he can be difficult to work with, is that true?
Truthfully, he wasn’t that bad. The guy is a comedic legend and he could really work a scene and get the most out of it. I do remember him going ballistic once on set when an assistant put milk in his Marty the Moose cup instead of eggnog. Chevy absolutely berated that poor kid. Chevy wanted the scene’s environment to be as accurate as possible and that included the eggnog, so milk was not acceptable. But other than that, I thought Chevy was great to work with and we had a fun time.

4. A lot of fans want to know, were you really “yakking on a bone” in the dinner scene or was that just a sound effect?
Oh no, that was all me. Randy (Cousin Eddie) had fed me from the table most of that day of shooting and I had started to gag uncontrollably. Jeremiah S. Chechik (Director) kept the camera rolling until I coughed up the bone and then Randy kind of improvised the rest. You can’t see it from the camera angle, but I actually vomited all over John Randolph’s (Clark, Sr.) shoes. He was pissed to say the least.

5. So what have you been up these past couple of years? I know you’ve been busy.
Yes, I have been busy. Well, I did a bunch of background work in the 90’s and then settled down and started a family. I still audition from time to time, but mostly just do print advertisements for PetSmart. I’m getting too old to do any film work. I just don’t have the youth a lot of Hollywood executives are looking for. However, my great-grandson just landed the role of Max, in Showdogs. I was very proud of his work and that kid has a great future. I think I’ll probably always be known as Snots from Christmas Vacation, and I guess I’m fine with that.


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