Butterfly Effect Proven True as Man’s Flatulence in Ohio Spawns Atlantic Hurricane.

Dayton, OH — After experiencing an already historical hurricane season the United States is yet again bracing for a potential devastating Atlantic Hurricane. While scientists continue to debate what impact global warming is having on the tropics, one thing is quite clear, hurricanes are bigger and stronger than ever. However, new research from the University of Dayton might change the way scientists study the development of hurricanes. New findings released just last week indicate that even the slightest environmental change can impact the creation and strength of a storm. To prove this “Butterfly Effect” theory, researchers followed an Ohio man (age 40) around for two weeks, observing for any impact he could have as an individual to our environment. The findings were shocking.

“We observed the man intensely for two weeks, specifically his flatulence patterns,” said Dr. Angela Miller, one of the leading Butterfly Effect supporters and top Gastroenterologists in the Midwest. “Using high-grade technology we were able to track one of his highly potent flatulence and we noticed that once the methane reached the high levels of our atmosphere, it immediately interacted with our jet stream, putting in motion a series of disruptive storms. In fact, once the flatulence reached the African coastline, it actually formed into an Atlantic Hurricane.” Researchers caution that this does not necessarily prove that a simple flatulence can spawn a storm, but they believe with more case studies scientists can better understand the correlation. “Humans have a huge impact on how our environment behaves, so we’re hopeful we can get a better grip on just how that happens and what we need to do differently.” The University of Dayton plans on working closely with Taco Bell customers over the next six months to collect more detailed data. 

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