Patience is a Virtue

clinician writing medical report
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Everything I accomplished while waiting in the lobby to see my knee doctor:

Scrolled Facebook, scrolled Twitter, chatted on ICQ, interviewed an old man about 60’s music, watered the fern plants, hummed along to Kenny G, eavesdropped conversations, Google searched “if your pinky finger hurts are you going to die?”, read Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, contemplated my own existence, watched the entire Back to the Future trilogy, ordered a hoverboard, learned Italian, hibernated, listened to “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses, grew a beard, memorized one million digits of Pi, assembled a dresser from IKEA, solved the world’s water crisis, watched every episode of The Simpsons, caught next year’s flu, witnessed the lifespan of a cicada, acquired a full AARP membership, cried a little.

It was a long wait.

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